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Miss muffin and her polenta, feta & sundried tomato muffins

April 23, 2008

Right now I’m busy prepping for my first cookery class @ La Cocotte this Thursday. I’ve been busy researching, testing, tasting, doing all things muffiny…so much so I think I’m actually becoming a muffin. I found out the word muffin comes from the old french term “moufflet” (=soft). And that the American muffins did originate from the English ones but quickly developed their own style.

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Hot off the press…

November 21, 2007


Hate to blow my trumpet, but who cares I’m so excited about being on the cover (with my cake) of this month’s Elle à table I just had to share it with you. There’s an 8 page article inside “Christmas dinner with the 4 girls from la Cocotte“. Andrea and I wrote the recipes and made the food (and some food styling). Nathalie did the beautiful interior and prop styling…well worth rushing to your local newsagent and getting a copy now, while there are still some left 😉



October 30, 2007

hotdog1.jpg hotdogdraw.jpg
Things have been a bit hectic recently (well they still are, doing lots of this and that) so here’s a cute illustration from the booklaunch we did at La Cocotte last Saturday. Really cool book with quirky illustrations and recipes (Cowabunga pizza anyone?)

Check out Daniel Egnéus, the illustrator’s website for more genius drawings.


Chestnut & Dulce de Leche smoothie

June 24, 2007


I took a leaf out of Bob’s smoothie book (excellent recipes, very original, think hot surfer meets Palm springs party style, unfortunately only in French at the mo) and came up with my own creation. Still going with the dulce de leche theme I found a tin of chestnuts knocking around in my cupboard. Chestnuts & dulce de leche? Pourquoi not (sorry I couldn’t resist a bit of franglais, homage to a chef at Le Cordon Bleu). And I must say they do go very well together.

Lie back in your deck chair, soak up the sun rays with a chilled glass of this in your hand. Purrrrrrrrfect!

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3am frittata

May 5, 2007


After my Monday night out at Djoon, where I made a fool of myself dancing (dancing to house music is all about ‘jumping around, moving your feet’ rather than ‘shaking your arse’ hip hop style) I felt quite peckish.

I’m somewhere in the photo, I think I’m behind the girl waving her hand in the air, well my friends are.

Unlike London or New York it’s pretty hard to come by any sort of fast food in Paris. (I’m sorry, but no matter how ‘gourmande’ you are, after a night out clubbing there’s only one type of food that hits the spot and it’s not the healthy kind).

So I had to resort to what I had leftover in the fridge. I’m rather ashamed to admit that my fridge was looking pretty sad with the only half decent contents being some eggs (what would I do without them), spinach (I 2013b Spinach. Eat your heart out, Popeye!), cheese, onion and a lonely looking potato. So hey presto @ 3 in the morning I whipped up this.

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