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Blueberry pancakes “R khooks stylee”

February 3, 2008


I saw one of my favourite bands this week. I was slightly distracted during the concert when Fink started singing “Blueberry Pancakes”. My mind wandered to my blueberry pancake recipe. Would I add buttermilk to my mixture? How would I incorporate the blueberries? Buckwheat flour or plain flour? My “foodie daydream” didn’t last that long as the music was amazing and it put me back in the room quite quickly. Read the rest of this entry ?


Be careful what you make kids eat…

November 9, 2007

I don’t really have the time to do a proper post in the next couple of weeks…so here’s a cute animation by Louis Clichy (if you don’t already know his ‘A quoi ça sert l’amour’ check it out, it’s adorable). Let this be a warning to all those parents force feeding their kids horrible things to eat… 😉



October 30, 2007

hotdog1.jpg hotdogdraw.jpg
Things have been a bit hectic recently (well they still are, doing lots of this and that) so here’s a cute illustration from the booklaunch we did at La Cocotte last Saturday. Really cool book with quirky illustrations and recipes (Cowabunga pizza anyone?)

Check out Daniel Egnéus, the illustrator’s website for more genius drawings.


Back to the 80s biscuits

September 14, 2007


The past month I’ve been going back to the future (or more like back to the 80s) for the party everyone in Paris is talking about (ok, slight exaggeration but there is certainly a buzz). I’m organising an 80s fancy dress party (think big shoulder pads, lace skirts and gloves…) with two other friends. Read the rest of this entry ?


Naughty but nice…Chocolate Venus Nipples

July 16, 2007


The past week my tastebuds have been suffering. I came down with a stonker of a cold which means I can’t taste anything (unless it’s super spicy). On top of that the rubbish ‘summer’ weather in Paris and complicated French legal system (which is making my dream of setting up my own cake business almost impossible) has kind of been getting me down.

Things started looking up on Wednesday though when I received an email from Fluokids (très à la mode french clubbing/lifestyle movement) that I’ld won a ticket to Cabaret Sauvage! So Thursday night I donned my corset and red lipstick and trundled off to the Cabaret (heavily medicated and with a nose like Rudolph the rednose reindeer, went well with my lipstick). Spent the night rocking to the likes of The New Pony Club and Simian mobile disco. ‘Super cool’ as the French like to say.


The New Pony Club @ The Cabaret Sauvage

The whole cabaret thing got me thinking about making something decadent this week. I recently ate some Chocolate venus nipples from Rococo (amazing chocolate shop, crops up in ‘The Brodsky Touch’, the book I’m currently reading) when I was back in London. They were super delish but not quite like the ones I remember seeing in the Amadeus movie.


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La Cocotte

May 20, 2007

Welcome to La Cocotte! The tastiest bookshop in Paris. Based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris on rue Paul Bert we add another flavour to the already quite ‘gourmande’ street. Le Temps au temps, Unico (I had a delicious dinner there this week), Bistro Paul Bert…are just a few of the excellent restaurants on the same street.

Shop 2

La Cocotte [kɔkɔt] 1 nf A cute, slightly cheeky combination of a bookshop, a boutique for unique household objects and a tea salon.

Shop 3

The shelves are laden with various different books from all the big French names: Escoffier, Ducasse, Bocuse, Sophie… to the more unusual titles (Food manga anyone?) you’re find it here. You’re also find beautiful books on design/photography/architecture, fiction…the list goes on. Each book always ‘taste’ related though.

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3am frittata

May 5, 2007


After my Monday night out at Djoon, where I made a fool of myself dancing (dancing to house music is all about ‘jumping around, moving your feet’ rather than ‘shaking your arse’ hip hop style) I felt quite peckish.

I’m somewhere in the photo, I think I’m behind the girl waving her hand in the air, well my friends are.

Unlike London or New York it’s pretty hard to come by any sort of fast food in Paris. (I’m sorry, but no matter how ‘gourmande’ you are, after a night out clubbing there’s only one type of food that hits the spot and it’s not the healthy kind).

So I had to resort to what I had leftover in the fridge. I’m rather ashamed to admit that my fridge was looking pretty sad with the only half decent contents being some eggs (what would I do without them), spinach (I 2013b Spinach. Eat your heart out, Popeye!), cheese, onion and a lonely looking potato. So hey presto @ 3 in the morning I whipped up this.

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