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A taste of heaven – fluffy cloud cupcakes

May 24, 2008

Hand me those cupcakes, I need my sugar fix! Well, it certainly feels like that there are a whole load of cupcake junkies out there at the moment. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that everybody in Paris is cupcake crazy. Well the proof has definetly been in eating the pudding! So much so that I’m doing another “Pimp my cupcake” session. It’s already booked up with a waiting list. Wahey!

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80s Cheese & Pineapple, noughties style

May 16, 2008

Like every blogger I check my stats regularly. I’m less bothered about it, then when I first started. It’s a hobby not a career (hence me not always blogging, if I don’t feel like doing it, I just don’t). My no. 1 search engine term seems to be 80s. I think it’s because I mentioned it a few times and even made 80s biscuits a while ago. Anyway, this got me thinking about what 80s food I could eat today without having to wear a shellsuit.

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A bloody mess…Almond milk panna cotta with raspberry coulis

April 13, 2008

I realised after I shot* this, that the raspberry coulis looked rather “blood like” and I even subconsiously made bloodlike splatters.

* Shoot/blood = Hmmmmmmm, maybe I have murder on my mind 😉

I also made a lychee version of this for an event at La Cocotte. I chopped up tinned lychees and placed them at the bottom of the ramekins, poured the panna cotta on top.

Almond milk panna cotta

3 gelatine leaves
250ml almond milk
250ml double cream
2 tsp almond essence
25g sugar

4 ramekins

Soak the gelatine in cold water until soft. Heat the all the other ingredients in a pan until it comes to the boil. Take off the heat. Squeeze out the water from the gelatine, add to the cream mixture. Stir well until all the gelatine is disolved. Pour into ramekins and leave to cool. Once cool put into the fridge and chill for at least 4 hours (or overnight).

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It’s a piece of cake…Prune teacake

February 24, 2008


I’ve had a bottle of “plum” oil (oil made out of the stones of plums) sitting in my cupboard for the last couple of months. When I smelt it for the first time I was very tempted to dab a bit behind my ears and wear it as a perfume 😉 (I have a perfume with vanille/almond notes). But instead I thought it would make a delicious base for a cake. Piece of cake to make, it won’t take you more than 10 minutes with a mixer. Read the rest of this entry ?


Say it with…valentine mooncakes

February 9, 2008


“Won’t you be my valentine?” A question which will be on many people’s tongues this 14th. Not mine though. I tend to be a bit more cynical and find the whole thing way too commercial. But then I guess if you’re unluckily attached to someone who needs that kind of reminder, than once a year is better than none a year.
I may be cynical in regards to valentines but I do have a small weakness for anything in a heart shape, though. For some reason I often end up making a cake, biscuits or other foods in heart shapes. Read the rest of this entry ?


Blueberry pancakes “R khooks stylee”

February 3, 2008


I saw one of my favourite bands this week. I was slightly distracted during the concert when Fink started singing “Blueberry Pancakes”. My mind wandered to my blueberry pancake recipe. Would I add buttermilk to my mixture? How would I incorporate the blueberries? Buckwheat flour or plain flour? My “foodie daydream” didn’t last that long as the music was amazing and it put me back in the room quite quickly. Read the rest of this entry ?


All things nice and spice in 2008

January 10, 2008


Happy New Year everyone! Ok, I know I’m “fashionably late”. But getting into the swing of things after the holiday period (or better said after eating enough food to feed the Walton family) is a bit difficult. I’m already suffering from gym aches and pains. So I thought I’ld start 2008 with on a slightly lighter note. If you’re watching your figure, like me at the moment, you can omit the chocolate. Otherwise ideally I would serve this (slightly warmed) with a generous helping of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

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