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Christmas Chocolate & cinnamon cantucci

December 18, 2007


This time last year my tiny studio turned into a mini biscuit factory. Like my aunts in Austria who bake tons of Christmas biscuits every year I like to carry on the tradition (maybe not as well and in smaller quantities). Unfortunately this year I just haven’t had the time to bake as much (slightly due to the fact that I’ve been baking about 500 biscuits a week at La Cocotte recently) so I came up with this easy but just as delicious recipe.

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Menu for Hope IV

December 10, 2007


The lovely Fanny from Foodbeam sent me an email a couple of weeks ago, asking whether I could participate in the Menu for Hope IV event. Menu for hope is an annual fundraising event masterminded by chez Pim raising money for the UN World Food Programme feed the hungry.

Each year, food bloggers from all over the world join forces to host the Menu for Hope online raffle, offering an array of delectable culinary prizes. For every US$10, the donor receive a virtual raffle ticket toward a prize of their choice. This year, the prizes include once in a lifetime experiences such as touring the elBulli laboratory with Ferran Adrià , dining on a historic British meal prepared by Heston Blumenthal, or joining Harold McGee on a lunch date to satisfy a lifetime’s worth of cooking curiosity. You can also tag along with your favorite blogger on a tour of their favorite markets, restaurants, or even receive a care package fashioned especially for you from your favorite bloggers themselves. All you need is $10 and a bit of luck.

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Hot off the press…

November 21, 2007


Hate to blow my trumpet, but who cares I’m so excited about being on the cover (with my cake) of this month’s Elle à table I just had to share it with you. There’s an 8 page article inside “Christmas dinner with the 4 girls from la Cocotte“. Andrea and I wrote the recipes and made the food (and some food styling). Nathalie did the beautiful interior and prop styling…well worth rushing to your local newsagent and getting a copy now, while there are still some left 😉


And the winner is…

October 20, 2007


So the winner for the first Stop the Traffik chocolate competition is Stephanie from Whisk & Spoon with her very delicious White chocolate & almond tartufi (you can invite me over for dinner anytime 😉 A little fairtrade chocolate goodie bag will be winging her way soon. Read the rest of this entry ?


Stop the traffik competition round up

October 9, 2007

dsc00600.JPGmissitaly.jpgccpbcakes100x671.JPG 100_2890mini.jpg


Drum roll, please…here are the absolutely fantastic chocotastic entries for the Stop the Traffik chocolate competition. And what a range there has been. Each entry has had me licking my lips and going yum yum. Thanks to everyone who participated I’m truly impressed with all the effort everyone has made. If I’ve forgotten your entry or made an error, please let me know.

So start drooling over your keyboards (click on each image for the whole entry) and send me your votes to by Tuesday 16th October.

P.S. Only one entry per person. I know you guys want to win the goodie bag 😉


Mum’s the best: Chocolate & Orange bread

October 4, 2007


Today we have a *star* guest appearance (well for me, it is) on R khooks. I was absolutely delighted when my Mum sent me her entry for the competition (she was the one to make me aware of the cause). So I was only to happy to put her entry up on my blog. And what an entry it is! Yummy chocolate with a tangy orange kick, this bread will be giving the other choctastic entries a run for it’s money.

P.S. For all of you who haven’t had the time to enter I’m extending the deadline until Monday the 8th October. So go bake something chocolately this weekend! Read the rest of this entry ?


Chocotastic Tiramisu with raspberries

October 1, 2007

Fairtrade chocolate

I Valentines chocolate especially dark chocolate. There’s nothing more satisfying than unwrapping that gold paper ‘Willy wonka style’ and taking a large bite out of a chunky bar of dark chocolate. It’s pure, quite egoistic, self satisfaction but always tainted with that slight feeling of guilt (why is there no such thing as a decent ‘light’ chocolate bar?). Having now found out about the trafficking involved, eating any ‘regular’ chocolate bar is stained with even more guilt.

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