80s Cheese & Pineapple, noughties style

May 16, 2008

Like every blogger I check my stats regularly. I’m less bothered about it, then when I first started. It’s a hobby not a career (hence me not always blogging, if I don’t feel like doing it, I just don’t). My no. 1 search engine term seems to be 80s. I think it’s because I mentioned it a few times and even made 80s biscuits a while ago. Anyway, this got me thinking about what 80s food I could eat today without having to wear a shellsuit.

Back in the good old days of the 80s at every kids’ (yes, I was still a kid back then 😉 ) party I went to, there would always be cheese & pineapple sticks sitting on the buffet table. This party snack came second for me after all the E-numbered and fluorescent coloured junk food.

Even a couple of years of living in a country which produces some of the best cheeses in the world, I would still say that this combo is pretty good. The sweet slightly acidic tang of the pineapple with the saltiness of the cheese is one hell of a match. Change a few things and this would make a perfect canapé (or dessert) for any noughties soirée.

In order not to have that 80s “naff” factor (unless you want that), I think it’s key to:

a) Use fresh pineapple (none of that tinned stuff, thank you!)

b) Not chop everything into cubes and do the classic cheese ‘n pineapple cocktail sticks. Slice them in triangles, circles, heart shapes…be imaginative, just don’t do the cube thing. I cut the pineapple into quarters and then sliced it, which kind of made “triangles”.

Alternatively, you could easily do a pineapple capaccio (you’ll need a good sharp knife to slice the pineapple fine enough), crumble the cheese on top and sprinkle it with freshly chopped mint.

VoilĂ  a quick and simple dessert/starter with no eighties shoulder pads in sight.

80s Cheese & Pineapple, noughties style

1 pineapple, ripe (it’s ripe when you can pull out one the leaves easily)
250g feta cheese
1 bunch of mint, chopped

Do I really need to tell you how to do the rest? No, I thought not.
Send me a mail
if you’re REALLY stuck 😉



  1. haha 80’s food wasn’t not something I was totally familiar with as I was born smack dab in the middle of the decase. But this little party plate sounds interesting. I normally wouldn’t pair pineapple with cheese but hey, why not? And maybe you could grill the fresh pineapple too?

  2. You should see of the search terms I get; ‘sausage dog style long door draught excluder’ to name but one X__X. How that directed to my blog, I wouldn’t like to guess.

    These are so cute! Especially the gorgeous, slightly haphazard way the two are put together. We had cheese & pineapple cubes at 90s kids’ parties too XD.

  3. Cheese and pineapple will be a winning combo for years to come. It does not matter which generation you are from, everyone loves the combination.Yours look fresh and very inviting.

  4. Amanda – Miam! Great idea about the grilling the pineapple.

    Indigo – How did you ever get that search term?!? Very funny though, maybe I should start a “funniest search term” post. Would be a laugh to see what everyone would come up with.

    NN – Totally agree 🙂

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