Hidden tasty treasures

April 8, 2008

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!” Everyone has some phrase or another for times which are trying. I’ve been hearing a lot of them recently. And I think the saying above is great way of handling things. So I went on a bit of a mission this weekend. Sleeping was definetly not on the menu. Discovering new things, places and lots of dancing (I love dancing = instant happiness for me). On Saturday I came across a new blog which described an exhibition in Paris I just had to go to. I instantly rang to make a reservation, crossing my fingers they would have some spaces free.

Luckily they did, so the next day I made my way to find this 3 day only café/exhibition. Hidden behind a heavy door and up some winding steps, the gallery was situated in two apartments. Anne, the curator and creator of the exhibition gave me a guilded tour. Explaining the work of Guillaume Hillairet and the beautiful ceramic objects she had made. The tea salon was situated in the living room which had wonky doors and floors. She served a warm orange flowerwater rice pudding with orange compote and a buckwheat biscuit. The tea cup (which was designed by Anne like all the tableware) came wrapped up in the cutest red and white polka dot fabric. She also had a very interesting documentary on Japanese food preparation running on two screens in the tea salon.

So all in all I had a delightful Sunday afternoon and weekend. No recipe unfortunately but I thought I’ld share this with you instead!

Talking about sharing some gems, a while ago I was awarded an Excellent blog award by Happy Love Strawberry. The idea is you pass on the award to 5 other food bloggers. It’s a pretty difficult one to do as there are so many beautiful food blogs out there. But here’s my selection (in no particular order):

Whiteplate blog


The fact I don’t understand what Liska @ Whiteplate writes about (although she does translate the recipes sometimes) is outshone by her tasty and beautifully photographed recipes.

Fayeki blog


With recipes like Cherry blossom cardamom English cream or Raspberry swirl brownies and stunning photography, how could you resist?



Ok, it’s in French (but google does a fairly good translation and I’m sure Sooishi would help you if you ask nicely ;-)) Great inspiration if you want to try something a little different.



If only I had just half the patience and skill to make these amazing dishes.

Nectar & Light

Nectar & Light

A little less foody but there’s just something about these images. Looking at them you know that the dishes have been made with a lot of love.

And voilà my little selection. Tough one to make with so many amazing blogs out there.

Just a quick mention: Last week I won the DMBGLIT edibility category for my Blueberry pancakes. Thanks you judging panel! I could not believe it. I had to do a little celebration dance when I saw the results announced on Cookbook catchall.



  1. Those are great sources – I’m off to check them out.
    Tks for sharing!

  2. miam, that s look good… nice to meet u at the party last night!
    see you soon,

  3. Great selection!

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